timmermanns virtual traininVirtual Training BrochureGet support and reassurance for your riding at any location in any state from a proven horse show judge, riding instructors, horse trainers and coaches of over 60 world and reserve world champions.

• Over 70 years of experience in training.

tammy and dale at midwest horsefair CDP5878Your Virtual Trainers, Dale Timmermann and Tammy Rigsby Timmermann.• Looking to get advice on sharpening up your basic riding skills?

• Fine tune your show skills?

• Improve your barrel or pole pattern?

• Want help tweaking small behavior issues with your horse?

• Looking for recommendations on your drill team?

• Any other areas of interest, just ask.

Your virtual trainers are - Dale Timmermann & Tammy Rigsby Timmermann

How this works –

You will submit a 30 minute video with a questionnaire you will fill in.

• One of our virtual trainers will review your video and submit back to you a complete evaluation with comments and suggestions for you to work with.

• You will then have the opportunity to resubmit any questions or clarification you need from you review sheet.



for timely training information that will help you and your horse form a SOLID FOUNDATION and relationship.

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