We are very excited to start a new adventure with our youth riders by bringing YEDA (Youth Equestrian Development Association) to Timmermann’s Ranch. YEDA is a riding competition program for school-age kids in 4th through 12th grade. The program fosters the development of riders’ skills, encourages friendships with other riders, and emphasizes exposure to scholarship opportunities and college programs.
We are currently in the early stages of organizing a team from our lesson program. Team members are not required to own their own horse: they’ll be able to lease a horse as part of this program. Team members must take one weekly lesson that will prepare them for competition.

yeda teamTimmermann's YEDA Team - 2022

YEDA Competitions
The YEDA season takes place during the school year, with 10 shows a year (two per competition weekend):

Check our calendar for upcoming YEDA shows. Use YEDA as the filter.


Riders do not have to compete in all 10 shows; however, to qualify for nationals they need to compete in a minimum of six shows (riders with the highest points in six shows go to nationals).

We know families are busy, and if your rider can only compete one day a weekend, that’s an option. Right now all competitions are in Ohio, but Timmermann’s may elect to host competitions once we get acclimated to the program.

Each competition weekend, riders compete in two classes a day: horsemanship on the rail and horsemanship with pattern. It’s all based on how the rider handles the horse. Before the show starts, riders pull a horse’s name at random for their competition horse. YEDA competitions emphasize a level playing field, where riders are judged on their ability and not how nice a horse they have.


YEDA has an optional Scholarship Incentive Fund (SIF) that allows competing members to grow their continuing education dollars based on their show performance. YEDA competitors enroll in the YEDA SIF by paying a onetime application fee of $100 for the first-class division, and optionally, an additional $25 for a second class division. Annual re-enrollment fee is $25 per class. Additional scholarship contributions come from private donors. The rider with the most points annually will get a cut of the pot to be applied towards their personal college fund. In addition, YEDA is a pathway to college riding programs. Competitions attract college scouts, who recruit riders with incentives and scholarships.
Clothing requirements
All riders are required to wear the official YEDA shirt, a solid oxford shirt with program logo (approximately $95). Please consult with your coach before you choose a color. Click here for the order form.
Additional required clothing (available at Timmermann’s saddle shop -- all Timmermann’s YEDA show team members receive 10% off):
Pair of black jeans:
• Black Western Show Pants for girls $34
• Black Western Show Pants for Ladies $55 
• Western Black Wranglers Men's $47 
• Western Black Wranglers Boy's $26 
Hat or helmet (whichever you prefer) $ varies 
Black western belt $ varies 
Black cowboy boots $ varies 
Optional: Chaps starting at $350 


For each competition weekend, we will leave after school on Friday evenings and stay Friday and Saturday nights as a team in one of the host hotels. Each host hotel has a discounted rate for YEDA competitors – and a pool! Team members are encouraged to hang out with each other and get to know other riders outside their team. Parents can work together to car pool and/or share rooms.


Timmermann’s requires good sportsmanship in and out of the arena. There will also be no tolerance for drug, alcohol, and cigarette use. Rider’s grades must remain at a C average or higher.

We will definitely need parent volunteers to help with paperwork. We promise no lengthy meetings and plan to handle communications via conference calls. We are currently working on fundraising ideas – parents will need to manage that aspect of the program as well.

The estimated annual program cost, if a rider shows all ten shows and leases a horse, is $1800.

To attend the next show weekend, the following paperwork must be completed and turned into Timmermann’s. Contact Timmermann's Ranch for the deadline or any questions you may have.
Membership form

YEDA shirt order form; please consult with your coach before you choose a color. 

Scholarship incentive form (optional)

Checks made payable to YEDA for all of the above.

We are very excited about this new opportunity! Timmermann’s YEDA Program will allow kids interested in riding horses to have their own sport, opportunities to learn, and opportunities to earn scholarships.